June 1917 . . .

America has entered the Great War, but one young man in Stonebridge, New York, is reluctant to join the cause. Jake McCleary fantasizes about a better life for himself, but he’s afraid to take the risks needed to achieve his dreams. When he finds two bars of long-lost gold, he thinks fate has provided him an easy route to success. Instead, the discovery turns his life upside down.

Pressured to join the military to escape charges for a murder he didn’t commit, Jake soon finds his mettle tested on the battlefields of Belgium and France. When he returns to Stonebridge a changed man, he’s determined to remove the cloud of suspicion still hanging over him for the yet unsolved murder. He soon finds there are powerful, influential people in Stonebridge who will stop at nothing to keep him from the truth. And Jake must decide if he will run from trouble and leave Stonebridge or stay and shape his own destiny with the woman he loves, whatever the cost.

Stonebridge Secret

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“[A] well-crafted novel . . . A well-shaped story . . .”

Kirkus Reviews

“Themes of loss, vengeance, faith, love and forgiveness are intertwined in a compelling story.”

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